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Re: CAMBOK at Boat Wars!

Poster: Evan Randall Page <evanpage@ntr.net>

> Good gentles all,
> I fear that I am confused.  Could a kind sir or kind lady explain to
> me what "cambok" might be?  I am quite interested in the knowing...

  To all the fair citizens of Atlantia (with e-mail acounts),
In my ever so humble opinion, CAMBOK is a game which combines the best 
aspects of physical sports, such as competition and friendship, while 
disregarding the less desirable aspects, like non-safty related rules and 
keeping score (which always seem to make things less plesant for 
someone). In CAMBOK, you form two teems (you can change sides at any time 
as often as you'd like), find a large area to play in (the ball can never 
go out of bounds), set up two set of goal posts (which always seem too 
start to move around half way through the game), get sticks similar to 
hockey sticks but with a smaller head and wooden (sticks are recomended, 
but optional), get a ball similar to a mostly deflated scoccer ball, and 
try to put the ball through the goal of one side or the other (with out 
keeping score), and yelling 'CAMBOK!!!!' after every goal. There are only 
three rules; no high sticking (hitting above the shins), don't pick up 
the ball and run with it (hand contact is legal but if you hold on to it 
for too long, it becomes more like football and you're likely to get a 
stick to the hands (ouch!)), and finaly and most importantly, DON'T BE A 
JERK! Having fun isn't technical a rule, but it's sort of understood. The 
game was invented by a man who based it on an illustration in a tapestry 
and a composite of similar medeavl games, if I'm not mistaken. This, in a 
nutshell is the glory that is CAMBOK! Thank you for your time and I hope 
everyone learned something. :)

  In an eternal quest for knowlege and the recipie for a really great 
    beef stew,  
    Orm of Elvegast.
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