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Re: CAMBOK at Boat Wars!

Poster: KNPQ34A@prodigy.com (MISS JENNIFER E BRAME)

Good gentles all,

(fine explanation of CAMBOK snipped>

Ahhh, I do see now.  :)   'Tis, to my thinking, much like the mundane 
Calvinball (from Calvin and Hobbes).
It sounds like great sport indeed!


The as-yet-unnamed lady who once thou knew as Rosamunde the Shy; 
currently finding out who she may be in the SCA...
(or, mundanely, Jennifer Brame)

The Wise Woman Says:
   "Graduate school is where you learn to call            a spade a 
leveraged geomass delivery              system."

  "Cogito, ergo spud."  (I think, therefore I yam.)

Southern DOS: Ya'll reckon?  (Yep/Nope)

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