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First Tourney News!!!!!

Poster: Melford@aol.com

(Sean MacKay strutts proudly into the Merry Rose carrying Abigail Dafyddsward
on his shoulders, along side his lady Maria, he proclaims) "Hear Ye, Hear Ye,
It is our honor to present to you, Abigail Dafyddsward, proud victor of her
first tourney, held this day in the Barony of Glenn Mere, An Tir! Five
fights,  Five Victories!  Weapons chosen by the marshalls were goute shaped
boffers and round boffer shields.  She fought using true Oldcastle style,
 boffer over sword shoulder and very agressive, putting her opponents
completely on the defensive!"  
When Abigail was escorted into court she curtsied to Their Excellencies of
Glenn Mere, to the delight of the crowd, and was presented with a stuffed
unicorn as a prize.  Unto all our friends in Atlantia who we miss greatly,
take good care.  Our love goes to you all,

Sean MacKay
Maria de'Cremona

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