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Re: [MR] Name all seven Middle Ages, win fabulous prizes

Poster: Keith Vaughn <kvaughn@erols.com>

As has already been established, historians disagree about any 
exact date of the beginning of the "Middle Ages." The debate 
centers around when to pin-point the end of classical, "humanistic," 
pursuit and the beginning of a return to such endeavours, aka the 
Renaissance, or rebirth of civilization.  The era in-between is the 
"middle age."  (Somehow the Carolingian era, itself a renaissance 
of sorts, is ignored for the purpose of definition, though it is 
firmly contained within the Middle Ages.  But, this period is the 
defining point for the transition between "early middle ages" and 
"late middle ages"). Some consider the end to be when the Roman 
Empire was split between East and West, others when Roman itself 
was sacked in 410.  Thus, the West fragmented into too many units 
to organize and prosper (not my words) in the sense of large scale.  
The late middle ages sees the development of large scale architecture, 
the founding of universities, etc. which builds towards the Renaissance. 
However, most authors point to the stimulation of Florence, by the 
great wealth of the Medici, towards culture development (aka art 
and scholarship) for a point in time to signify the "great rebirth 
of civilization." 

By the way, if you consider your question stupid, feel comforted 
that you are joined by every Medieval scholar because the first 
objective of every book on the subject is to define the parameters 
of the period. And, rarely  will two books give the exact same dates.

C o'Stow
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