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re: Cream Cordials

Poster: viking@csra.net (Doug Munitz,Sven Olafssen,Maria Munitz,Giuseppina de'Materesi)

>Sir Richard Fitzalan de Glymm Mere, Baron, on this fifth day of May in 
>the reign of King Darius and Queen Morgaine of An Tir, unto Giuseppina 
>de'Materesi of Atlantia sends respectful greetings and good will.

Dear Sir Richard,
     Thank you so much for help that will be invaluable.  I am working on
two chocolate and nut cordials; hazelnut and almond.   If you ever want to
make a cordial with almond flavor, but not want to deal with the oil
residue, try an Italian concoction called "Orzata".  Ferrara makes a good
one and they have a catalog.  I found that the chain Reading China carries
this in large bottles for only ~$3.99, a MUCH smaller bottle of orgeat is
     I'll pass along my recipe for my Cherry-Rose cordial called Chantal. 
The longer it is aged the better.  People who have tried it just linger
over it.
 Take 2 lbs. dark sweet cherries and slice them up and cover them with a
fifth of vodca in a clean glass container.  After about a week, add 2 cups
of suga syrup, of which at least 1/2 should be rose syrup (found in East
Indian food stores), also if you like, add a small jar of cherry preserves.
 Add at least 1 Tbs of Rose water.  I prefer at least 2 Tbs.  The rose
should either equal the  flavor of the cherry or subjugate it a bit.
     Let the stuff sit for at least 2 months, so that the alcoholic fumes
are tamed a good bit.  This is pretty mild alcoholically speaking compared
to some.  Afer sitting 2 months, filter it for clarity (the color is
spectacular) and bottle when perfectly clear.  Bottle it, check it for the
rose flavor, and let it mellow in the bottle for another month.
Again, a thousand thank yous.
And also many thanks to Mistress Keilyn for her gracious assistance.
Lady Giuseppina de'Materesi
just Giusi (Joo'zee) 

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