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Re: Oops, I messed up again, please don't tell my Knight.

Poster: CGScoop@aol.com

Thorkell wrote

>Before  it gets out that Thorkell messed up again, let me be the first to
admit my >fault in public.  After reading a request post and not being fully
appraised of >thesituation, I have mailed a written copy of the song  _Born
on the List Field_  to >the gentle that requested it.  As I stated I was not
aware of the stricture against it, >and will never transgress in this manner
again.  To any who are offended by my >actions, Most Especially the Author of
one of my favorite songs  I Whole-heartedly >apologize.  Next time I will
learn more before I leap.

Have no fear, I deleted the lyrics before reading them after I read the
previous posts.

Thanks to all for your gracious help. I'll track down one of you and learn
the song at the next event.

William of Falestone

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