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Re: two questions

Poster: blackbow@sprynet.com

On Wed, 07 May 1997, mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU wrote:
>Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU
>I have two questions for the list at large:
>1) My lady is getting into Combat Archery and is slowly peicing together
>the equipment she needs.  She has found a lovely, perfectly functioning
>recurve bow at a flea market for only $20.  Problem is, it has a 45lb.
>draw.  Now, a bargain like that is too good to pass up, so she's going to
>get it regardless, but she would like to know if there is a way she can
>reduce the draw to 30lbs. so the bow would be legal for comabt archery.

It's possible (POSSIBLE!!) that a longer string would reduce the poundage 
sufficiently to allow her to use it for combat archery.  If not, I wouldn't try; 
 have her buy a lower-poundage bow (unless finding one is a problem, then holler 
back and we'll see what we can do...there's somebody in TN that sells them 
cheap, just can't remember who) and keep the 45# for target.  I MAY be inclined 
to sell my 6', 30# longbow (if that isn't too big (lengthwise) for her to draw) 
for not too much; I'm seriously looking into moving into crossbows for my 
(admittedly limited) archery activities.

And if she can draw the 45# bow comfortably, I'd be nice to her.

Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
House O'Shannon
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