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CAMBOK: No Marshals!

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Orm of Elvegast writes:
>  I am at a loss to define CAMBOK simply as an A&S activity or as Combat. 

GAKKK!  Bite your tongue!  Stop now before it is too late!

Cambok is Cambok.  Shall we define flatulence as A&S or Combat?  What
about sex?  Is a belch after a good meal A&S, or is it Combat?  The world
is not divided between A&S and Combat.  Cambok is just Cambok.  Why can't
we just play it?  Why does it need to be Art or Combat?

> You have to be concerned about safty (waranting a marshall) but it isn't 
> defined under the current standards. As for an art and a science, anyone 
> who has planed down thier own stick, sanded it to near-perfection, worked 
> it with care and atention, and then coated it with a protective finishing 
> oil can attest to that. I believe that a marshall should be present at 
> all event-level games, but being a marshall should be easy, requiring 
> only a knowlege of the basic operating procedures and safty standards, an 
> ability to comunicate these guidelines, and a pinch of comon scense. This 
> could be done without putting a downer on the game and it would probably 
> increase the amount of fun and decrease the amount of aciddents. :)

NO MARSHALS!  I am a marshal, and I say NO!  Not for Cambok.  Cambok is a
social game.  That means if YOU see somebody being unsafe, YOU have to
talk to them and say "please keep your stick down, you are being
dangerous".  It isn't any Marshal's responsibility, it is YOURS (not
meaning you in particular, Orm -- it is ALL PLAYERS' responsibility).

Geezelouise, are we going to have classes at University on Cambok
Marshallate Training, and Cambok Authorization Cards, and the
ever-important debate about whether you need to be a member to play
Cambok?  Cambok leagues, and referees, and penalties, and weight classes?
Jesus Wept!  Can't we just play the game?

Cambok should be safe enough that anyone over 100 lbs can play it.  If
ANYONE is making it unsafe for that, I will yell at them.  But it isn't my
job -- it is everyone's job to keep the game enjoyable.  There is only
one important rule -- No Jerks!  If nobody is a jerk, all the rest falls
into place.


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