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Re: CAMBOK at Pennsic XXVI?

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Dafydd hails Cheapside -- Meus Sanguis Camboki Fervet!

Orm of Elvegast writes:
> > I afford to spend' thing) and that is 'HOW MUCH CAMBOK WILL BE PLAYED AT 
> > PENNSIC XXVI?!' If anyone has any details, coments, sugestions, etc. 
> > about the when, where, how, what, etc. I would love to hear from you. :) 
> > p.s. Any ideas about a CAMBOK marshal?

And Eogan responds:
> Ideas suddenly pop into my mind of a not-so-distant future, where there is
> a CAMBOK WAR POINT AT PENNSIC!, and we will all be playing Cambok for the
> glory of Atlantia!  (On second thought, 'tis a silly consideration.  How
> is one to win a Cambok War Point, when one can't win points in Cambok?)
> I love this game.

Gentlemen, please go sit in that mud puddle until you are cold.

I applaud your fervor.  BUT!  There ain't gonna be no stinkin'
Authorizations for Cambok, nor Marshals for Cambok, and never no WAR
POINTS for Cambok.  Nor A&S Competitions in Cambok, peerages in Cambok,
nor none of that twaddle.  Not unless I am cold and dead in my grave, and
if anyone tries to make a war point in Cambok I intend to drag my reeking
corpse out of its final resting place to stomp up and down on their heads.
Am I clear?

However, as to Cambok at Pennsic, I've run two games in the last three
years.  Three years ago we played on the main battle field, but there was
only about 20 of us -- most of Atlantia was still uninformed about the
glories of the game.  Two years ago we played in the Lochmere encampment
on Saturday (most people from there having left, leaving us a small field
between Caer Mear and my camp).  Let us see what we can arrange.

Dafydd ap Gwystl ap Cambok

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