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Upcoming Copyright Class at University

Poster: Suzanne Metzler <0002152178@mcimail.com>

To all good gentles interested in learning more about copyright law

I am giving the copyright class at Atlantian university.  (In my mundane life,
I am a copyright attorney):   "Copyright Basics For Chroniclers -- How
To Avoid Copyright Infringement" a discussion for the non-lawyer by
 on:copyrights what are they why I need to care
about them, how to avoid copyrigth infringement
when writing your articles or reviewing submissions from others,
 using artwork, etc. 

Since this is a disucssion class I would like to address the specific
questions attendees (or those with just an interest) might have.  Therefore,
could people interestes in this topic send me a list of the questions you might
 like specifically
covered.  Or give me a sense of the issues you specifically encounter
on which you would like advice.  I have some ideas since I have been
associated with the Complete Anachronist, but anything to help me make
the class most useful to the attendess would be appreciated.
While the focus on the class is primarily for chroniclers, A&S people or others
who have concerns in this area are welcome to give me their thoughts
and questions so that I can help address those issues as well.

My direct email is 2152178@mcimail.com

Sue Metzler/Tehair MacDiarmada

P.S. as I mentioned in a previous email will be happy to
forward individuals copies of the documents/notes by email if the requesters
have the capability
to receive document enclosures (they just need to specify their preference
for word
or word perfect documents), just email me directly.  To those who cannot receive
enclosures, please email me directly and I will make arrangements with you to
send the notes/releases via snail mail.  If there is general interest, I can
see about making this information available to Rabah for dissemination
to Chroniclers and I can see about posting my notes on the University
class note board.
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