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Re: Registering name and device

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

In abject humbleness, Orm of Elvegast asked,

> > Does "Orm of Elvegast" and "Or, serpent bendwise sanguine, two acorns in 
> >bend sinister sable, a bordure rayonny sable" sound passable?

Partan answered, in part,
> "Sanguine" is a dark 'dried-blood' red.  It is not used in SCA heraldry.
> If you substitute standard heraldic red or 'gules', this clears up that
> problem.  (When you actually  use your device, you can use any shade of red
> that you want.) [...]

I believe that Orm wanted the serpent to be "sanguine" in the blazon
because that word is derived from the Latin word for blood, "sanguis",
which rhymes with "anguis", the word for "serpent".

-- Alfredo 
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