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Re: Registering name and device

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

At 23:52 5/9/97 -0400, Orm of Elvegast wrote:
>Poster: Evan Randall Page <evanpage@ntr.net>
>Dear Atlantians (especialy the heralds),
> Does "Orm of Elvegast" and "Or, serpent bendwise sanguine, two acorns in 
>bend sinister sable, a bordure rayonny sable" sound passable?
>  In abject humbleness,
>    Orm of Elvegast.

The name is certainly registerable.  'Ormr' (the final r is silent) is
found on page 13 of one of our standard heraldic reference books, Geir
Bassi Haraldsson's _The Old Norse Name_.  The name of one's
barony/shire/etc. is always allowed.

The device is little more problematic, but nothing too bad.  It looks like
you've been reading through heraldry books; this is a Good Thing, but some
things in mundane heraldry  have developed post-period and so do not apply
to SCA heraldry.  

Let's put this into standard SCA blazon.

"Or, a serpent bendwise sanguine between two acorns, a bordure rayonny sable."

"Sanguine" is a dark 'dried-blood' red.  It is not used in SCA heraldry.
If you substitute standard heraldic red or 'gules', this clears up that
problem.  (When you actually  use your device, you can use any shade of red
that you want.)  If you want the snake to be wavy instead of straight, the
term is 'glissant'.

"Or, a serpent glissant bendwise gules between two acorns, a bordure
rayonny sable" is clear of any conflict.

In service to Atlantia and Atlantians,

Alanna Volchevo Lesa
Partan Pursuivant
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