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Re: rattan & chirurgeons

Poster: Dan Mackison <DanM@skantech.com>

Kat Hintze wrote:
> Poster: Kat Hintze <chhintze@bmd.clis.com>
> A new member recently asked me a couple of questions I didn't have answers
> to, so I'm posting them here in hopes of getting some answers.  I'm sure
> these have already been covered, so feel free to post privately to me if you
> don't want to waste bandwidth.
> First, is there a convenient source for rattan locally (coastal NC)?  

No. The stuff grows mainly in the Philippines and there aren't to many
importers in this neck of the woods.

> If not, could someone reccommend a reliable (and inexpensive) mail-order
> source?  (This gentleman joined the SCA less than a month ago, and I don't
> even want to get into Sil-a-flex with him, as it's so experimental.

I recommend H. H. Perkins company (800) 462-6660. They will cut
individual poles and sell them by the foot. The price was $3.00/ft at
last check or $17.00 for a eight foot pole. Their basket weaving catalog
is pretty impressive too.

On a more personal note, find out his preferences (i.e. is he planning
on fighting with a twelve-inch long twig like Jerry?). If he wants a
very short blade and is willing to do some carving, I have a few short,
thick pieces left over from other projects that he can plunder for free
if he's willing to drive out here to no-man's land.


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