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Re: Banners

Poster: Michael and MJ Houghton <herveus@access.digex.net>

>  I have had a banner made using the badge of Atlantia, the badge of
> Bright Hills, the badge of Spiaggia Levantina, and my own badge(which
> has just gone out of kingdom) {Triton Herald annouced that your badge
> left Kingdom on the May letter of
> Intent.  Good luck with Laurel!}- Rodrigo wrote.
> Now comes a problem, The banner is about 25' long and "according to "
> some recently found documentation it is too long for me, personally(READ
> PERSONA-LY).  Is there any response to this that may help me decide to
> display such a banner at events or say .,,. maybe Crown Tourney
> /,..,./?? This weekend??/
>  			Brenno Guarnieri
> 			Motteggiatore
If its length is excessive for the period constraints that would have
existed for your persona, then you have to decide whether or not to
respect those constraints. As to Atlantian custom/law, you are not
constrained in any way. If you fly it a Crown, do be sure to have a
pole long enough to properly fly it. That is just a technical point.

Otherwise, 'We ain't got no steenking sumptuary laws!'

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