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Results of Atlantia Crown

Poster: Dick Eney <dickeney@access.digex.net>

Logan Ebonwulf and Ariel are the new Crown Prince and Crown Princess
of Atlantia, after the largest Crown Tourney yet fought in our

Despite all the usual comments about SCA time, the Crown Tourney
scheduled for 3:30 was actually ready to begin at 3:38.  The line of
contestants and their consorts -- thirty-six of each; it was 37
initially but one had to drop out -- was forty minutes passing a given
point, as they used to say of parades.  Despite the chivalrous use of
"consort", only one of our lady fighters entered -- Elizabeth of
Rosewood.  She was fighting for her lord, John van der Veldt, who was
in turn fighting for _her_.

The fighters made a show of all degrees of bravery, from Sir Logan,
who came on with a couple of squires bearing gonfanons for himself
_and_ his lady, and clad in an armorial surcoat over plate which some
wretched serf had evidently been up all night shining, to one
gentleman (who, I learned, had only just barely been fighting long
enough to be admitted to Crown Lists) who wore an arming-doublet of
unhemmed padding with a narrow tabard of chain over it and some of's
gear attached with duct tape.

The Tourney was run in four list fields, so the semi-finals began two
scant hours after the Lists opened.  Sir Kai fought Thorbrandr
Olafsson and Logan fought Godfrey of Frisia; both were intended to be
two out of three, but Thorbrandr and Logan each won two in a row and
so met in the finals.  This was to have been three out of five, but
Logan beat Thorbrandr three times running (weapon and shield,
florentine, and weapon and shield) to take the Coronet.

Such, good gentles, were my observations of this tourney; to go into
more matters, as the number of fair ladies who inspired the fighters
and the goodly merchantry which was displayed, would be too tedious. 
Not that I find talking about fair ladies tedious, mind you.

|---------Master Vuong Manh, C.P., Storvik, Atlantia---------|
|Now, let's stop and think: how would Bugs Bunny handle this?|

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