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PENNSIC: Polyphonic Challange Announcement

Poster: "Rebecca Tants" <RETANTS@us.oracle.com>

Please feel free to pass this on to any who might be interested and reprint
as you see fit!  We'd love to see everyone there and get lots of entries!


Once again this year's Pennsic will include the Polyphonic Challenge.
Start preparing your music now!  The categories will be vocal,
instrumental, mixed groups and original compositions.  (If there are
sufficient original entries, we may divide that group into vocal,
instrumental and mixed as well.)  One entry per category from any given
person or group, please.

The Barn has been reserved this year for Thursday, August 14th at 9am.

The rules will be quite similar to last year's:
At least three people and three different vocal or instrumental parts are
required.  Non-original pieces will require simple documentation that
either the piece was dated prior to 1603 or the author was born prior to
that date.  Judging criteria will include precision, presentation,
difficulty, audience engagement, and judges discretion.  Original
compositions must meet similar requirements, with their categories being
difficulty, authenticity, overall sound/aesthetic, audience engagement and
judges discretion.  We are asking that all pieces in all categories
conform to a 5 minute time limit.

In order to allow the judges to prepare adequately, we are asking that
groups who may participate send a copy of potential pieces and
documentation to the organizers by July 15th, 1997.  (You can submit more
then one piece and tell us on the day of the competition which one you will
perform.)  This does not in any way lock you into performing, but merely
allows us to provide copies to the judges in advance for their review.  If
for some reason you cannot comply with this request, please contact one of
the organizers.

Speaking of judges, we are actively seeking volunteers to judge the
different categories.  You can judge one or all, at your choice, although
you cannot enter a category for which you are judging.  A laurel is not
required (although cheerfully accepted), just a love of Polyphonic music
and a good ear.  Please contact us directly for further information.

The organizers are Lady Caitlen Ruadh and Jacqueline Sauvagonne.  Lady
Caitlen can be reached at 143 N. Auringer Rd., Constantia, NY 13044, via
email at becki@servtech.com or by phone at 315-623-9239 before 11pm
eastern.  Jacqueline can be reached at 5201 Stonewall Rd., Little Rock, AR,
via email at masavidge@aol.com or masavidge@exchange.uams.edu, or by phone
at 501-666-5027 before 11:30 pm central.  Please feel free to call with
any questions or comments.  We look forward to seeing (and hearing) you at


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