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Re: Regarding Crown Tourney

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Herveus responded to Logan:
> Thank you for your explanation of the finals of Crown Tourney. There was
> confusion at the list table as well, and I am sure among most of the audience
> gathered round in utter silence (amazing in itself!). We were as confused
> as you were.
> With your explanation, it all makes sense now. 

Indeed it does.

As one of the heralds for Crown Tourney, I am quite impressed by Cuan's
plan for running the tournament: we got through 36 people in less than the
time it often takes for 16, and from reports I got from folks there was
little or no confusion about what was taking place while we had four
simultaneous lists.

A lot of this was due to excellent communication between the marshals 
and the heralds. Unfortunately, this seems to have fallen apart during
the finals. Please folks, remember to keep *everyone* informed as to what
is going on.

Despite that, nicely run. Great thanks to His Majesty for planning it, to
the List Folks, to the Marshals, and *especially* to the runners who kept
the whole thing going smoothly!


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