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Re: Regarding Crown Tourney

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Your Highness writes:

> I feel that I need to extend My most sincere apologies to all who were in 
> attendance at Crown Tourney and explain some of My actions on the field. 


As somewhat an expert in apologies, may I humbly opin...

			Nicely done.

The truely sad aspect of the whole situation is that, the populace being 
as unsure of the score as his Highness, we could not, after the third 
(and as it turned out, deciding) bout, give the traditional resounding 
cheers for our new Prince and Princess.  After all, it would have looked 
pretty stupid, not to mention insulting to Count Thorbrandr, if we were 
wrong and the score had been 2 to 1, and the tourney not decided.

Such an affirmation is as much for the populace's benefit as for the 
Heirs.  It makes everyone feel good not just about the results of the 
tourney, but about the process.

So I appreciate Your Highness' explanation, especially of the fact that 
you did not know you had won either.  I am sorry that it must have been 
rather anti-climatic for you.  I was certainly looking forward to a 
chance for some proper cheering ;-).

In Service
Leifr Johansson

P.S., Cambok at Emerald was loads of fun (yes, verily, my first time ;-), 
but I am still rather sore.
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