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Re: Emerald Joust - What happened?

Poster: Tanner Lovelace <lovelace@acm.org>

On Thu, 29 May 1997, Tom Brady wrote:

> Some have been mentioned already, but in addition, Baron Alan Gravesend was
> named as Queen's Rapier Champion and Lord Kheldar was invited to join the
> Queen's Rapier Guard.

HRM Cuan also decided that if HRM Bera could have a rapier champion,
he could to.  Therefore, the winner of the rapier tourney, Count
Thorbrandr is now the King's Rapier Champion and has been charged
with coming up with device, regalia, etc... Currently, Atlantia has
a device registered for "Rapier Champion" (no Queen or King beforehand)
that is as follows:

(Fieldless) A unicornate natural seahorse or, changed with two
rapiers crossed in saltire, sable. (or something like that).

Perhaps this device should be changed slightly to indicate King's
or Queen's champion...

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