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RE: Emerald Joust - What happened?

Poster: PETERSR@spiegel.becltd.com (Peters, Rise J.)

>>How did Emerald Joust go?


>>I also heard there were 20 or so entries in Curriculum Vite.  Wow!  What 
all think of the idea of that competition?  Is it a repeater at some future
point in time?  What did you think of the judging criteria?  What did Brok,
Shrew and Dierdre think of the judging? I heard it took a while.

27, I think.  It was great, both to participate in and to walk around and 
see everyone's stuff.  The judging criteria were fine.  The available space 
was too small; I noticed that some folks were allowed a whole table while 
others got only half a table, it might be nice to let everyone say whether 
they will need a whole or a half.  Otherwise you end up with things piled on 
top of each other, no place to put the documentation, and so on.  But yes, 
do it again, please.

>>Did anyone go out on the Gyrfalcon (viking boat in the lake)?

I saw some folks out paddling around on Saturday, I think it was.


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