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Borrowed cooler cover at Emerald

Poster: jthies@vt.edu (Jen)

Unto the patrons of Cheapside does Lady Genevieve d'Aquitaine send greetings.

        On Sunday at Emerald Joust a very dear sweet lady loaned me a white
cloth with which to cover the BRIGHT orange cooler for the lemonade at Her
Majesties Tea on the field.  When the tea was over and done with I searched
hither and yon for this kind gentle's presence so that I could return it.  I
looked later during feast, but was greatly distracted by the wonderful food.
So alas I still have that wonderful lady's white cloth (washed and dry) to
be returned to her loving hands with one problem, I do not remember her name
or know how to get in touch with her.  If you are on this list and hear my
apologies, contact me so that I may return it to you.  If there is anyone on
the list who knows of the kind gentle I speak of, please let her know that I
am searching in vain for her.  Thank you for your patience and help.

In Service,

PS-  Her Majesty waves to one and all from the couch as she studies for a
test tomorrow.

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