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Re: Emerald Joust - What happened?

Poster: Tom Brady <tabrady@mindspring.com>

At 09:13 AM 5/29/97 PDT, Anarra wrote:
>How did Emerald Joust go?

Wonderfully! One-and-a-half days of great weather really helped (Sunday
night got a bit soggy).

>Who else received awards?

Some have been mentioned already, but in addition, Baron Alan Gravesend was
named as Queen's Rapier Champion and Lord Kheldar was invited to join the
Queen's Rapier Guard.

>Was there Cambok?

Of course there was cambok! (and not a cambok marshal in sight :-) There
was Midnight cambok on Saturday night on the list field, and two or three
hours' worth on Sunday afternoon. Master Snauf (nee' Ross) and Mistress
Shrew did a brisk business in handmade cambok balls, I noticed, and House
Ass Fang got to show off their cool new cambok hats, donkey ears and all
(and the hats are not for sale. I tried :-)

Also, on Sunday morning there was a coursing of greyhounds - I only got to
see a small bit of this, as there were some mechanical problems with the
lure (lure? Whatever you call the thing the dogs chase after). I hope that
these problems were worked out later in the day. Regardless, I would love
to see more of this at future events, and commend the owners of these
beautiful dogs for their efforts.

It was an excellent event all around. Congratulations to Lord Ragnar and
his household for a job very well done.

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