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Emerald Joust - What happened?

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

So -

How did Emerald Joust go?  Ana Ilevna and I were at a Media Writer's Convention
in Michigan and couldn't go.

I've heard that Minan the Stout received a Pearl (Yeah!) and Caemfind and
Susannah Grey received Pharoses (Yeah!!).

I've heard that Earl Daffyd won the Curriculum Vite with a truely awesome
display of lifetime A&S (YEAH!) and that I came in second (Yeah!).

I also heard there were 20 or so entries in Curriculum Vite.  Wow!  What do you
all think of the idea of that competition?  Is it a repeater at some future
point in time?  What did you think of the judging criteria?  What did Brok,
Shrew and Dierdre think of the judging? I heard it took a while.

I heard that HRH Logan won the Sapphire prize, but I haven't heard who won
Emerald Joust.

I've heard the Scroll display on Sunday went well.

How was the relic display?  The SWAT demo?  The hair play?

Who else received awards?

Did anyone go out on the Gyrfalcon (viking boat in the lake)?

How was the archery?  Rapier?  Sunday events?

Did it rain?  Was there Cambok?

I heard the feasts were delicious.

        - Anarra Karlsdottir
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