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(long)re:pied piper

Poster: mdefeo@mail.awinc.com

Greetings from Magdalen of Haphazard Manor, of the shire of Frozen Mountain,
to Muirinn, and the good folk of the steppes.

Muirinn, you're looking for pied piper ideas. I am the mother of two small
creatures, and am trying to build a repetoire of activities as well.  

So far, my kids *love* hunker hausen - two small pedestals that two players
stand on, hold a rope, and try to pull the other off.  Actually, my kids
like the boards by themselves, just to ballance on and jump off.

I made three throwing rings from 9" macrame hoops covered with small pipe
insulation and wrapped in, what else, duct tape.  I then tied about 7 long
wide ribbons on, to stream out as they are thrown.  We toss them around, and
if you were really talented you might juggle them!

I bought a miniature crossbow that shoots pingpong balls or marshmallows,
and that is a blast!  I made a "stocks" type target with a hole for someones
head, and that can be a fun place to aim for or be in!

For quieter activities, I have a nice medieval colouring book That I bought
from Sine in Ramsgaard, and make copies at will.  
I'm also have a bag of different balls of wool, some beads, and some ribbon,
and I'm going to help the kids make favours at Appledore's Spring Tourney
this weekend.

I'm not mentioning the fighting thing too much, since I am not a fighter,
and don't know any very well.  My son would dearly love to spend all weekend
with a sword in his hand, bu that's not going to happen, is it, Connor?
I may try some "pool noodles" cut in half for sword substitutes, but it's
not a huge priority for me.  ( anyone could make boffers for me and my
smalls though...)

Something popular is the treasure hunt and scavenger hunt, but I haven't run
one of those yet, only observed.  It seems pretty straightforward though.

Does this help?
Any other ideas?  How about songs or circle games? 
I also found a couple of good links off that SCA Teens page that someone
brought to the steppes attention a while ago:
Try it! 


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