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[TY] Re: Irish Nuggets (was Gaelic Greetings)

Poster: meridies@web.ce.utk.edu

On Wed, 28 May 1997 16:18:52 -0700 Jacob <aracauna@altamaha.net> writes:
>I think the guy with the nuggets is Irish (Mc instead of Mac).  Those
>of you with dirty minds stop laughing now.

Related to the above:

A Scotsman who recently immigrated attends his first baseball game. 
Unfamiliar with the rules, he observes how whenever the batter gets a
hit, the crowd around him stands up and yells "Run! Run!"  So the next
batter gets a hit, and the Scotsman stand up along with everyone else and
yells "R-r-r-run, ye Bah-stard, R-r-r-run will ya!"

Pleased with himself at figuring this game out, and being part of the
crowd, the next time a batter gets a hit, he again stands up along with
everyone else and shouts  "R-r-r-run, ye Bah-stard, R-r-r-run will ya!"

The next batter takes a full count, 3 and 2, and then gets the walk.  As
he starts to walk toward first base, the Scotsman stands up and again
yells  "R-r-r-run, ye Bah-stard, R-r-r-run will ya!".  The other
spectators around him look at each other and giggle at each other about
his faux-pas, until the guy next to him leans over and whispers "he
doesn't have to run - he's got four balls."

The Scotsman looks at his neighbor in shocked amazement, then stands up
and yells to the batter "Walk with Pr-r-r-ride, Mahn! Walk with

(Sorry, couldn't resist)

Ld. Padraig

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