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Re: Map to Atlantia

Poster: Char.Cook@GlobalOne.net (Char Cook)

Stephen Christopher Boggs wrote:
>  I am wondering
> if anyone has ever developed a map of the Kindom of Atlantia.  It will
> include all Baronies, Shires, Colleges, Households, etc.   The problem
> is I don't know where every one is located,...
To Cristopharus filius Philippi,

As archivist of Atlantia, I hold several maps of Atlantia (seven at last
count I believe) showing the kingdom at various stages of growth. 
However it is always good to have an uptodate map of the kingdom.  I
would be happy to share them and this has been discussed before.  At
that time we were trying to scan them, and there were problems with
their size and getting original artist's permission.  If you would like
to use these maps as a basis for your map, I will contact Lady Johanna
who did the first six maps and see if I can find who did the seventh
map.  My name and address are in the Acorn.
Yours in service
Alesia la Sabia de Murcia
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