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Map to Atlantia

Poster: Stephen Christopher Boggs <scboggs@erols.com>

Greetings friends and Noblemen/women alike,
	I have had a wonderful idea, but I need a hand.  I am wondering 
if anyone has ever developed a map of the Kindom of Atlantia.  It will 
include all Baronies, Shires, Colleges, Households, etc.   The problem 
is I don't know where every one is located, if there are preferences on 
where a group is located on the map.  I will be using the Known World 
Handbook's 1992 map of The Entirety of SCA for a reference on where the 
Kingdom is located and how to situate the basic layout, but if you can 
help with the more intricate parts.    Your help is most desperatly 
needed.   Otherwise, who knows where groups will be located.

In Service to Their Majesties Cuan and Bera,
Cristopharus filius Philippi
Barony of Caer Mear/ Atlantia
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