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Re: Map to Atlantia

Poster: Stephen Mumford <redline@catharsis.com>

> 	I have had a wonderful idea, but I need a hand.  I am wondering
> if anyone has ever developed a map of the Kindom of Atlantia.  It will
> include all Baronies, Shires, Colleges, Households, etc.   The problem
> is I don't know where every one is located, if there are preferences on
> where a group is located on the map.  I will be using the Known World
> Handbook's 1992 map of The Entirety of SCA for a reference on where the
> Kingdom is located and how to situate the basic layout, but if you can
> help with the more intricate parts.    Your help is most desperatly
> needed.   Otherwise, who knows where groups will be located.

Way back when I had planned on doing a digital map of Atlantia myself,
although the response I got as to where the various Baronies, Shire, etc.
were was rather lackluster. ;-)  I trust you get better response (and
would appreciate it if you could also share with me any of your findings
for my own project; a copy of the baseline map is at
http://www.catharsis.com/sca off of the Credits and Legalese page).

As for my home canton, that of Spiaggia Levantina (under the wise
tutelage of the barony of Bright Hills), our domain is the Eastern Shore of
Maryland -- basically, all the Maryland counties on the eastern side of
the Chesapeake Bay.  Our center is Wicomico County (specifically the city
of Salisbury).  And yes, It's a canton that take up half the state,
space-wise. ;-).

Although as a group we can't cross state lines, we sort of
also have a bit of a claim on the Eastern Shore of Virginia as well, in
the sense that we have "members" there also (although they are organizing
and will hopefully become a canton or shire of their own sometime in the
future).  Heck, for that matter, we have a couple of regular attendees
from Delaware (which is the next Kingdom over!). ;-)

Julien de Montfort
Web Minister for the cross-cultural canton of Spiaggia Levantina


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