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Re: looking for King's Ransom...

Poster: "Alaric Luther" <Luther@agent.infodata.com>

> Poster: lisawebb@CUPID.COM
> Good Gentles of the Merry Roes,
>      Or should I type ROSE....I am seeking the address and/or the phone
> number for the leather merchant known as King's Ransom.If anyone can
> post it tonight for me, I would be eternally grateful...
>      Yours in Service, THL Elspeth of Harilow, Barony of Marinus
> =======================================================================

They were at The Stierbach Event this weekend 
and I have their card:

Kings Ransom
Kurt Breon
3136 Wellington Rd.
Alexandria, VA 22302

In Service,

Lord Alaric Luther

Director, Tech Support Services - Hell Labs, Ironic Punishment Division
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