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The Real Story from Kofryna the Goatherd...

Poster: Kofryna the Goatherd <kofryna@geocities.com>

Greetings to the Patrons of the Merry Rose from Kofryna the Goatherd,

Iím glad to see that the discussion of my name has sparked as much
discussion on the Merry Rose as itís done in my Shire. Itís been quite a
learning experience. 

When I drew my device, I knew my drawing skills were rather remedial.
For that reason, I traced a dairy goat from a ďPromote the GoatĒ bumper
sticker. It was a identifiable drawing for those people who own dairy
goats. I wonder how many people in the college of Heralds own a dairy
goat (it was an Alpine). I was informed somewhere along the line that if
I drew a billy goat (buck) with a beard, than everyone would have known
it was a goat. The udder apparently confused the Heralds.

Before I traced the goat, our Shire Herald told me artistry wasnít a
factor. This experience has taught me that the guidance he had received
couldnít have been more wrong. Actually, from what I can tell drawing is
more important than the words on the blazon, or any written hints you
provide. Our Shire Herald has been working for months on arguing for my
case, and I appreciate his dedication.

My name for instance (which is on the form as Kofryna the Goatherd) is a
huge hint for the Heralds reviewing the device. This experience also
shows if the picture is unidentifiable, the guidance and hints (like
your SCA name) wonít help either. It went forward from Kingdom as a cow. 

I wrote a letter to Laurel asking why the drawing is so important.  As
far as I know, it isnít printed anywhere.. Mistress Jaelle was very kind
and replied to my inquiry. The best I can say, in agreement with
Herveus, is that drawing is very important.

The interesting thing is that once the device passes, Iíll have an
artist draw it. The drawing may be one of many breeds of goats, all
which have unique traits that wonít probably have appeared on the device
submission. Do the Heralds care if itís a Toggenburg, Saanen or Alpine
(all are European). Do the Heraldís know?

What  I really donít understand at this point that I just observed
regarding the fact that a boat, plant or glass doesnít have to be
clearly identifiable. If this is true,  then why is the goat versus cow
so important. Especially when common sense tells you that Kofryna the
Goatherd has a GOAT on her device. It was questionable between the two
animals, but common sense should have dictated the  answer.

 If everyone has to clearly draw their devices, than fair is fair. The
rules should be clearly stated. If a goat must be clearly identifiable,
than so should a type of  boat. It appears to be a double standard.  If
a boat can be ascertained from the description thatís indicated on the
blazon or form, than a goat could be discerned from the words on the
form in my case. The only difference in this example appears to be the
double standard with animals verses objects. If thatís the rule, than
letís state it as such (i.e., ďAnimals must be clearly identified from
the drawing. Artistic freedom will be given to inanimate objectsĒ).  The
problem is the rules are not stated as such, and we have a problem
predicting when things must be clearly drawn, and when the Heralds will
let it pass based on a good guess. I guess the advice is get an artist.
Itís the only way to be sure.

By the way, no one called me or my Herald regarding the dispute. We saw
the Cow for the first time when it was printed in the Acorn. Please
excuse if Iíve made any mistakes in the Heraldic terminology . This
experience has been a crash course in Heraldry 101 for me, and I havenít
gotten it all down pat yet! Iíve also missed the conversation in
progress, due to the fact that I get the digest version!  Sorry for the
delayed response.  From what Iíve just been told, someone sent in a
fictitious conversation that wasnít far from the truth of what really
happened. Not bad!


Kofryna the Goatherd
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