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Re: The Real Story from Kofryna the Goatherd...

Poster: Scott Law <law@fluky.Mitre.org>

>Poster: Kofryna the Goatherd <kofryna@geocities.com>
>Greetings to the Patrons of the Merry Rose from Kofryna the Goatherd,

>What  I really donít understand at this point that I just observed
>regarding the fact that a boat, plant or glass doesnít have to be
>clearly identifiable. If this is true,  then why is the goat versus cow
>so important. Especially when common sense tells you that Kofryna the
>Goatherd has a GOAT on her device. It was questionable between the two
>animals, but common sense should have dictated the  answer.

  The following is not meant as a rag, just conversation from a non-Herald.
Comparing which kind of boat with which kind of animal doesn't seem like
a consistant analogy.  Animal is a much more general category.  It would
be closer to comparing it to what kind of goat (and I doubt whether the
heralds care if it is a Toggenburg or a Saanen).  I also am fairly certain
that you have to be more specific than plant.  I don't have my blazon here,
but I thought it said pine tree.  Could be wrong, it's been awhile.

  As for a goatherds naturally having goats on their device.  I do not 
believe that traditionally this was the case.  Device did not generally 
relate to one's name or occupation...though I suppose maybe some could be
nicknamed after it?  Would someone with real knowledge like to step in 

  Anyway, despite the word games, I do agree that it seems silly for there
to be a pre-existing blazon which is not used even when there is confusion
about the drawing.  It this not passed on to Laurel or is it passed on and


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