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it all in the teats

Poster: LWright740@aol.com

Cows and goats can be clearly identified by counting the teats on the bag
(utter).  Cows have four teats and goats have two.  If there is only one teat
it is a boy!

I don't think the heralds of our middle ages spend much time milking cows and
goats or they would have been able to count the teats.  By the way horses
have two teats and a small bag.  Selective breeding has led to biger bags on
all dairy producing animal.  The teats of all the above animals have
distinctive shapes.  Goats are more cone shaped while cow are finger like.
 What a titalating subject.

With Humor,
Lora Leigh...who has milked all three

p.s. Asim E-Mail me and let me know if you can make it this weekend.
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