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Re: Returns for re-draw

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

At 20:14 6/3/97 +0000, Triton wrote:
>Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

>>Poster: Stephen Mumford <redline@catharsis.com>
>>> This dilemma somes up regularly: is it an X? or a Y? The submitter clearly
>>> wants X, but the drawing has too much Y-ness... What's a Laurel to do?
><snippus Maximus>
>In some cases, the return for re-draw is absolutely necessary (I posted a
>list earlier, but haven't seen it come through yet).  And if the herald
>doesn't return it, he/she would have to re-draw it themselves, make the
>copies, do the coloring, etc.  If you had seven items which needed
>re-drawing on a specific month, that's a good two+ hours' time extra the
>herald has to put in if he doesn't return them.  Besides, you certainly
>don't want someone like me to be drawing your device...  Do the words
>"Crayola Challenged" mean anything?  I happen to be quite fond of the cut,
>paste, copy method of designing heraldry...  Or bugging an artistic friend
>to draw it for me...
>Lady Rhiannon Ui Neill
>Triton Principal Herald, Atlantia
>House Corvus, Sacred Stone	

Well, I think it works easier to copy, cut, and paste, in that order, but
whatever floats your goat...

And even that can get you into difficulty.  Be aware that enlarging
drawings with a copy machine *also* enlarges the original lines.  A Device
came into Laurel (or maybe it was Golden Dolphin - it's confusing when you
work on both...) a couple of months ago that was an enlargement of a tower
taken from the SCA Pictorial Dictonary of heraldry.  It was supposed to be
white.  The copying had enlarged the lines of masoning so much that most of
it was *black*.  Had it not bounced for conflict, it would most probably
have gone back for a redraw.

Partan Pursuivant
General Heraldic Minion
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