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Re: it's all in the teats

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

> Cows and goats can be clearly identified by counting the teats
> on the bag (udder).  Cows have four teats and goats have two.
> If there is only one teat it is a boy!

The problem with this, from an heraldic standpoint, is that the
teats are "in fess" rather than "in pale" (or in the case of
cow teats, "two and two" rather than "in pale").  That means that
with a she-goat in the standard pose (facing to the left), her
right teat would be completely behind her left teat.  Of course,
you can avoid this by placing the goat "in triune aspect", for
a sort of three-quarters profile, but this is seldom done with

> Lora Leigh...who has milked all three

I suppose you milked the mare to make kumiss.

-- Alfredo

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