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Looking for Kari Gufftisen

Poster: HerExCeri@aol.com

Good gentles of the Merry Rose, Greetings from Baroness Ceridwen ferch Owain!

I am writing this missive on behalf of Countess Brigit , who is doing the
role of arms for the recent Crown Tournament.  There was one gentle who
fought in Crown whose arms she did not get at the event, and needs to find
him to complete the role.  The gentle's name is Kari Gufftisen, modernly
Daniel R. Cousins.  If anyone knows this gentle, or how to find him, please
email me at cfowain@aol.com  so that the information can be passed on to
Countess Brigit.  

My thanks to one and all!!!
In Service,

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