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[MR] Ovine or Arietine?

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

Lord Kendrick Wayfarer, the Somertime Herald, wrote, in part:

> If you can't look across a battlefield and tell one arms from another,
> how are you going to be able to tell your archers who to shoot at?
> (And don't say the ones with blue tape on their helms... :-)  If you
> can't tell a difference between a cow and a goat, then you're in 
> trouble and the device should be redrawn.  The blazon is not what's
> important, the picture is.

This reminds me of a story:

A farmer was upset because every year at least one of his cows
would be accidently shot by deer hunters.  So at the start of
the hunting season he painted the word "COW" in large orange
letters on both sides of each cow.  That year his cows were
unharmed, but his John Deere tractor was all shot to hell.

-- Alfred Blazen

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