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Heraldry lessons

Poster: "Barbara Shuping" <julia.windsor@usa.net>

Okay, so we all agree(?) that this has been a learning experience. But 
will it be put to good use in the future in the cantons, shires and 
baronies? I hope so. Even those of us who have involved in heraldry since 
the rocks were soft forget that not everyone recognises what we take for 
granted. If there is a question of "what is it?", ask several people to 
stand back about 20 feet and identify the charge. If they can't then it 
probably needs to be redrawn or it will re returned from a higher level.

What can take 10 seconds in the beginning can lead to many months of 
heartburn and bad feelings later. As heralds we are guides for the 
submitters in our home groups, not just a channel on to Triton. It doesn't 
matter if you are a brand new cornet somewhere or a persuivant was years of 
experience if there is a question find the answer, I'm always available 
to answer questions and consult on submissions.

I can be reached at 919 787-4737 in the evenings before 9:30 pm.

In service to the dream,
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