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Heraldry Info

Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

To bring this long discussion around to a close, I would like to point out a
few things.  (Yes, Efen, I'm tired, too.)

This discussion rounded into two main points....  (1) what happened with
Kofryna's device; and (2) communication and education.  Mistress Jaelle, as
Laurel Queen of Arms, has taken the first one.  I, as Triton, will hit the

As Pedro said before, all branches are required by Corpora to have a
warranted herald.  Being a herald is a difficult (and sometimes sucky) job.
There are three main aspects to cover: book heraldry, court heraldry and
field heraldry.  Not everyone is proficient in all three.  In addition, in
order to fulfill the Corpora group requirement, sometimes people are forced
to take the job who have no interest in doing anything but being a place-holder.

That aside, up until about November of last year, each branch received upon
its inception, an Atlantian Herald's Handbook, which provided quite a bit of
instruction in the performance of heraldic duties.  The handbook is
currently being revamped since it's first publication was 1990 and the
revision will be mailed out to all groups later this year.  In addition,
since I was invested as Triton Designate (Nereid), each new herald has
received a "Welcome to the College of Heralds" letter which outlined duties
and provided direction on where to go for additional help.

Since last October, every two months, a heraldic newsletter (_Herald's
Point_), containing information, lessons, policies, advise, edicts and
articles is mailed to every warranted herald in the kingdom.  The _Acorn_
contains my address and telephone number, Golden Dolphin's address and
telephone number and I send in a letter with some type of info every month.
The SCA Web site contains a link to heraldry pages which include the Rules
for Submission; On-line Ordinary and Armorial; Laurel's LOAR's and other
heraldic info.  

Every University since Jaelle's term as Triton has included a heraldry tract
with AT LEAST classes in basic heraldic design and designing names.  I've
taught numerous classes at various collegiums here in the South and we have
a Heralds and Scribes symposium scheduled for July.  These sessions are not
just for heralds; ANYONE can attend...

The information is out there, however, it isn't possible to force-feed
information.  People have to want to receive it... 

Master Herveus and I are both available to answer questions regarding
heraldry and heraldic policy to anyone who asks...  Please contact us
directly if you have further questions...


Lady Rhiannon Ui Neill
Triton Principal Herald, Atlantia
House Corvus, Sacred Stone	

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