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Glass Thing, June 8th

Poster: PETERSR@spiegel.becltd.com (Peters, Rise J.)

Hello, good folks and barflies all!

Just a quick note for those who will be joining me for a Glass Thing this 
coming Sunday...

(1) menu of the day will be chicken & dumplings; if that doesn't suit you, 
please pack a snack;

(2) if you have safety glasses, please bring them;

(3) if you have a lampworking torch setup and you're willing to share, 
please bring it (I have two, but have room to set up more so more folks can 
play if we have the equipment); likewise if you have projects underway, or 
items you've always wanted to try but couldn't figure out how (we'll 
brainstorm), bring 'em;

(4) if you want to work with the torches (as opposed to prowling in my 
library, playing with the lightbox, etc.) dress to work around fire (like 
you would for cooking with hot grease -- no deep cleavage, no extremely 
flammable clothing, no flowing layers of gauze)...

I have a big backyard with a big climbing/swinging structure and your 
children are welcome at my house (normal Storviki childpack rules will be in 

Looking forward to seeing you there....

=Caitlin Cheannlaidir, for
La Compagnia dei Maestri del Vetro;
by grace of their Excellancies, Minister of Arts and Sciences for Storvik

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