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Re: Heraldic Challenge

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Countess Ianthe wrote:
> As part of an educational exercise for the less heraldic-ly gifted among us
> (myself included), might we turn this discussion into an entertaining
> exercise?
> To that end, I am charmed by the idea of canting arms.  May I invite
> everyone here at the Rose to twist their minds and think up hypothetical
> yet possibly "passable" canting arms for personages of note (or interesting
> name) both historical and in the Laurel Kingdoms?  

Always charmed to comply with a request from so gracious a lady as Her
Excellency, I offer this possibly passable coat of arms for herself;

	Fieldless, a hayrick proper within a capital letter U sable.

Some of you who have been around here for some time will get this cant. I
know Henry and Her Excellency will. I'll let one of them (or anyone else
who knows the story) expound on't.

In service,

     Corun MacAnndra   |   Dark Horde by birth   |   Moritu by choice
 I do not understand objections to 'cruel and unusual' punishment. While a
judge should be benevolent in purpose, his awards should cause the criminal
to suffer, else there is no punishment. -- R. A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers
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