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Re: Heraldic Challenge

Poster: Joyce Baldwin <jocetta@ibm.net>

Greetings to all from Jocetta!
(sips daintily from yet another mug of cider)

> To that end, I am charmed by the idea of canting arms.  May I invite
> everyone here at the Rose to twist their minds and think up hypothetical
> yet possibly "passable" canting arms for personages of note (or interesting
> name) both historical and in the Laurel Kingdoms?

While I suspect neither my heraldry nor my wit are up to this challange,
I offer for the amusement of the gentles here assembled an actual SCA
example of canting arms that was told to me (too) many years ago.  It
tickled me so much I still remember (some) of it.

There was a group, now defunct I believe, located in, if memory serves
(it often doesn't these days) Des Moines Iowa which called itself "Coeur
d'Ennui," or in English "Heart of Boredom."

I don't recall the colors involved, but the charges were "three annulets
and on each a boar's head, couped" -- translating to "Boar-ring,
boar-ring, boar-ring!"

> At stake is nothing more than acclaim for wit and good jokes for the rest
> of us.

Well, I can't claim the acclaim - if anyone knows the original herald,
do let us lift a mug to him or her - clever heraldry is _fun_! 

Thanks for the challenge Ianthe.:)


Lady Jocetta Thrushleigh, who STILL hasn't gotten around to figuring out
sig lines (sigh)

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