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Couer d'Ennui (Re: Heraldic Challenge)

Poster: Leila Mohajerin <lmohajer@email.unc.edu>

On Fri, 6 Jun 1997, Jocetta wrote:

> There was a group, now defunct I believe, located in, if memory serves
> (it often doesn't these days) Des Moines Iowa which called itself "Coeur
> d'Ennui," or in English "Heart of Boredom."
> I don't recall the colors involved, but the charges were "three annulets
> and on each a boar's head, couped" -- translating to "Boar-ring,
> boar-ring, boar-ring!"

My dear Jocetta!

The lovely, and really un"boar-ring" barony of Couer d'Ennui is still
alive and well in the Kingdom of Calontir!  It was not my first SCA
residence, but was my first SCA HOME!  I am making the long trip to
Lillies War for the specific purpose of visiting the friendly people and
particularly the Baron and Baroness, Yoshi and Dammienne.  I will see what
I can find out about the origins of the name...although, if you've ever
lived in the center of Iowa....

Have a good Summer!

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