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Re: Armor rivets

Poster: rnjloll@ite.net (Richard Loll)

At 11:34 6/6/97 -0400, Kevin of Thornbury wrote:
>	Might any of you good gentles be able to tell me
>	where I could find real, honest-to-goodness
>	rivets for armor?  I don't mean the Tandy quick
>	rivets, I mean actual round-headed, pound 'em
>	with a hammer until they're flat rivets.

	I get all of mine mail order from McMaster-Carr.  They have a wonderful
catalog - but it weighs about 4 pounds.  Call them at (404) 346-7000 in
Atlanta or (908)329-3200 in NYC.  Shipping is reasonable, and they ship
FAST.  They do tend to be expensive... 3/16" shank by 1/2" long steel round
head rivets without washers are $4.48 per pound.

	Best wishes

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