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[MR] A keyhole Counterchanged

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

> Lady Jocetta wrote:
> >
> >There was a group, now defunct I believe, located in, if memory serves
> >(it often doesn't these days) Des Moines Iowa which called itself "Coeur
> >d'Ennui," or in English "Heart of Boredom."
> >
> >I don't recall the colors involved, but the charges were "three annulets
> >and on each a boar's head, couped" -- translating to "Boar-ring,
> >boar-ring, boar-ring!"

Corun MacAnndra rejoined:

> This is very good. It reminds me of the fellow I've seen at Pennsic whose
> arms are;
>         per pale, or and purpure, a keyhole counterchanged
> Now he insists that he always displays this on the type of shield called a
> heater, and that the keyhole is often something one peeps through, thus
> making his arms a per pale peep hole heater.

The fellow is Andrew MacRobb, formerly of the Barony of Carrillion,
East Kingdom, now living somewhere in the Midrealm.  A fellow of
infinite jest.  He wrote a song to the tune of "Ghostriders in
the Sky" called "Pennsic CV" with some uncanny predictions about
the future of the SCA.

His arms are depicted on his viking-style tent large enough to
be recognized in those aerial photgraphs of Pennsic.  I understand
that heraldic tours of Pennsic are planned out to end with his
tent, so that the tourist will have learned enough heraldry to
appreciate it when they see it.

-- Alfredo el Bufon
Ars longa, vita lata
Art is long, life is wide

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