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RE: Oversize binders

Poster: Kim_Salazar@BayNetworks.COM (Kim Salazar)

Dear Becky,

A totally mundane answer.

Oversize binders that you can use for photo albums can be difficult to find
and very expensive at office supply stores.  For a cheaper alternative, you
might try checking out American Science and Surplus.  They are a mail-order
outfit that sells odds and ends, overruns and salvage lots of scientific,
office, and, educational toy, and electronic hobbyist materials.  

They usually have some sort of binders on special.  Often these are
left-over catalog binders or documentation binders.  Sometimes the catalog
binders they have are set up to hold materials larger than 8.5" x 11".  The
down side is that these binders are pre-printed with logos of defunct
firms.  The up side is that they can be had for around $3.00 - $5.00 apiece
(about a quarter of retail).  The pre-print shouldn't matter if you're
planning on covering the things anyway.  

AS&S has on on-line catalog that's a hoot to read:


Their print catalog is about three times as large and twice as entertaining
as their on-line listing.

Other cool things they've offered recently (but probably don't have in
stock any more) include uniform buttons from the French Foreign Legion ;
canvas belt bags and zippered plastic pouches of various derivation; small
precision engraving tools; and a long zippered cordura nylon bag of the
size/shape for transporting bokken or other non-bashable long thin things.
Remember, AS&S a surplus house - the stuff they carry can change on a
weekly basis.

Standard disclaimer - no affiliation, just another amused customer.

Kim Salazar
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