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Re: [MR] A keyhole Counterchanged

Poster: Rcardiff@aol.com

On the subject of Andrew, he is also known for his story about Hugh the
Here it is, to the best of my rememberence.

Once upon a time, there was a small peaceful town. It had a village, a lord,
and a religious brotherhood. Now these good brothers specialized in
horticulture and the area was made beautiful by the plants and flowers they

One day an especially ambitious brother called the abbey elders together to
view a new plant. They invited the  villagers to see it. It was a beautiful
large flower. As everyone was admiring it, a small rabbit ran past it, and
the flower dipped down and ate the rabbit. Everyone was horrified! What if a
local child should chance by this flower. Well the people demanded that the
plant be distroyed immediately. The brothers refused.

So the villigers appealed to their lord, and he ordered the plant distroyed.
The brothers refused. The Lord appealed to the king. Same reaction. The king
appealed to the Pope! And still the brothers refused to distroy the plant.
Finally, in desperation, the villigers went to their local blacksmith--Hugh.

Hugh listened to their plea. He nodded slowly, picked up his anvil under his
arm, and reached for his hammer. He then walked up the hill and knocked at
the door to the abbey. No body knows what he said, but they all saw him hit
the anvil with the hammer, and the anvil crumbled to dust. A few minutes
later, the brothers dragged the plant to the town square and burned it.

The moral of the story is--Only Hugh can prevent Florist Friars.

             Miriam--if you don't know which one, you can't throw food at
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