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plea for help from newbie...

Poster: LadyHallow@aol.com

I just moved to Maryland...most of my friends back in New York were SCAdians,
and I was always completely interested and went to a few events, fighter
practice each week, etc.   Now that I'm here I figured it was time to get
more involved with the SCA myself...problem is I know no one, have no garb
and have no car.  I'm in Annapolis, which I believe is Lochmere, and was
curious about events, fighter practices, etc in my area.  Also, I sew fairly
well but have little experience with garb so if there was a time people got
together to do a garb-making kind of thing (there was in NY) I'd like to know
about it.
Also, do SCA members ever carpool or such to events, and if so is there
anyone living in or near Annapolis who could give me a ride sometimes (for
gas money, I'm good company, etc.)

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