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book sale!

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unto the gentles of the merry rose, from melys, greetings!

the university of wisconsin press is having a moving sale, with what look
like some good deals (up to 90% off), and i wanted to share it with the
crowd.  books i noticed in the catalog that looked interesting/medieval

the science of mechanics in the middle ages, by marshall clagett.  
published 1959, 734 pp, 9 illus.  SCME clothbound list: $50 sale: $10

the art of medieval french romance, by douglas kelly.  
published 1992, 480 pp.  MEFR clothbound list: $65 sale: $45.50

the medieval imagination : rhetoric and the poetry of courtly love, by
douglas kelly.
published 1978, 384 pp.  MEIM clothbound list: $35 sale: $17.50

internal difference and meanings in the _roman de la rose_, by douglas
published 1995, 240 pp.  INDIC clothbound list: $38 sale $26.60
			 INDI paperback list: $17.95 sale: $12.56

poetic identity in guillaume de machaut, by kevin brownlee.
1984, 280 pp.  POGU clothbound list: $30 sale: $3 

genesis a : a new edition, ed. by a. n. doane
published 1978, 430 pp.  GENE clothbound list: $50 sale: $5

the saxon genesis: an edition of the west saxon genesis b and the old
saxon vatican genesis, ed. by a. n. doane
1991, 416 pp.  SAGE clothbound list: $45 sale: $9

vox intexta: orality and intertextuality in the middle ages, ed. by a. n.
doane and carol braun pasternack
1991, 304 pp., 3 illus. VOINC clothbound list: $45 sale: $9
			VOIN paperback list: $23.50 sale: $9.40

the voice of the gawain-poet, by lynn staley johnson
1983, 296 pp. VOGA clothbound: list $32.50 sale: $6.50

chaucer and menippean satire, by f. anne payne
1981, 304 pp.  CHME clothbound list: $29.50 sale: $2.95

chaucer and the subject of history, by lee patterson
1991, 504 pp.  CHSU paperback list: $16.95 sale: $10.17

chaucer's sexual politics, by carolyn dynshaw
1990, 272 pp.  CHSE paperback list: $18.95 sale: $15.16

the england of elizabeth : the structure of society, by a. l. rowse
1950, 1978, 562 pp.  ENEL paperback list: $16.50 sale: $3.30

city, marriage, tournament : arts of rule in late medieval scotland, by
louise olga fradenburg
1991, 392 pp., 9 illus.  CIMA paperback list: $19.95 sale: $5.98

healing and society in medieval england: a middle english translation of
the pharmaceutical writings of gilbertus anglicus, ed. by faye marie getz
1991, 368 pp.  HESO clothbound list: $22.95 sale: $9.18

the comuneros of castile: the forging of a revolution, 1475-1521, by
stephen haliczer
1981, 320 pp.  COCA clothbound list: $29.50 sale: $5.90

all of the titles have blurbs, but i didn't want to type them all in.  if
you're interested in a particular book, email me off-list and i'll send
you the text of the blurb, too.  to order, call 1-800-829-9559.  it looks
like there's a minimum order of $20.00, and the sale ends july 31st. 

						in service,


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lisa@technomancer.com          to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag,
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