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knowing everyone was(RE: Pearl & Dolphin)

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

> (this from someone who despite being Kingdom Seneschal *still* doesn't
> always know everyone on a polling!!!)
> Keilyn
This brings up a misunderstanding between the "haves" and the
"have-nots".  I as one
who has neither a Pearl or a Golden Dolphin would NEVER expect one
person to
know everybody on a polling.  That's impossible for several reasons.   I
DO expect 
those receiving pollings to be writing up others, and doing what they
can to get to
know others.  I expect those that have Pearls to stop fighting and stop
in the kitchen to take time for A&S displays.  I expect those that have
awards to begin their own recommendations for others.  My main question
those that have various polling awards is - what have you done to
encourage others
and what have you done to get to know others?  You can't know everybody
but it
is your duty to learn what you can.  

I find this easier for Pearls and other A&S awards.  They have displays
to stop 
by and classes to attend.  I find this harder for those that have
service awards because
so much of service is done behind the scenes.  When you do meet someone
hard behind the scenes, do you check up to see whether this is a regular
thing for them?

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