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Re: Golden Dolphin and Pearl

Poster: Heather Swann <swannh@psi.com>

>> [...]  I just want something better than the really vague notion
>> folks seem to have at the nonce- it promotes an inequity that seems a
>> little unfair.....to me, at least.  
>Inequity?  Howso?
>It is impossible to define a metric (measuring system) that is objectively
>accurate and still includes subjective evaluations like courtesy, activity
>level, and the like.  Since we _do_ want our award system to include these
>hard-to-quantify factors, we are stuck with some inaccuracy.  Luckily,
>this is mediated somewhat by the regular turnover in Monarchs.  

Well, yeah...it's this inaccuracy I'm thinking of.....but then maybe that's
just the way it is.....
>> >I look at it this way: making garb for newbies and clothing a dozen people
>> >is Dolphin work.  
>> I would have called it Pearl stuff- see?  It's a service, but it's also
>> actively doing an art.
>It ain't Pearl stuff if you're making T-tunics and mongol pants.  Pearl
>stuff is medieval.  Not just arts, but medieval arts.  Nobody gets a pearl
>for making plastic armour, even though it is both useful and an art.  

I wasn't thinking t-tunics, Mongol pants and plastic armour, although why
you would find fault with authentic Mongol pants, I don't know.....I meant
a variety of garb, depending on what period people want.  Not ten of
something.  Not a bunch of simple non-period stuff....

>you make ten simple sack-back Italian Ren dresses for newbie ladies, you
>demonstrate that you know how to make a sack-back Italian Ren dress.  But
>that doesn't weigh heavily with me as a Pearl.  If you make ten Italian
>Ren and other dresses for newbies, all based upon real renaissance styles,
>now _that_ would be worth noting.  If you teach a class at University on
>making sack-back Italian Ren dresses, that is certainly worth noting. 
>> >The Pearl has a very strong emphasis on teaching the arts.  Anything
>> >having to do with teaching arts and sciences is almost always going to be
>> >under the Pearl umbrella.  The other main thing under the Pearl umbrella
>> >is excellence in the arts.
>> What if someone teaches a basic level of something, but teaches it a heck
>> of a lot, instead of doing a lot of higher level work?  Is that then
>> Dolphin stuff or Pearl stuff?
>Pearl.  All teaching of the arts is Pearl.  Doing a lot of higher level
>work is Laurel.
>Breadth (lots of arts), Teaching (whether deep or shallow), and Depth
>(higher-level stuff in one or more arts) are all possible tracks for a
>Pearl.  For a Laurel candidate these are all important also, but Depth is
>required.  But you can deserve a Pearl for consistent teaching of basic
Ah.  Thanks for clarifying.  That's what I wanted to know.
>> I would think Kingdom Seneschal would be more in the Pelican range,
>Sometimes.  You are right, that the Kingdom Seneschal position is an awful
>lot of work, and serves the whole kingdom.  People who do an awful lot of
>work that serves the whole kingdom should be closely watched by the
>Pelicans.  But it is not certain, nor should be.
>There have been several Kingdom Seneschals who did not have at the time,
>and did not receive, Pelicans.

>In the last 15 years in Atlantia and the East I've seen KS not pelicaned
>where I thought they should have been; KS pelicaned where I thought they
>were very deserving;  KS not pelicaned where I agreed with the
>not-pelicaning; and KS pelicaned where I thought it was premature.  No, I
>will not discuss any details over this public forum :^)  Also, note that I
>was not a Pelican at the time for much of this past history, so I was not
>aware of everything that went on. 

Of course, I wouldn't ask you to- that's politics, and not to the point.
I'm not interested in politics.
>When I say KS, I think that Kingdom Seneschal is merely the most public
>high-work position.  The Kingdom Chronicler and Kingdom Exchequer are also
>very heavy-hitting in my system of measurement; more so than the other
>Kingdom offices.  This is merely my opinion; other people may think
>differently about the maximum-importance Kingdom offices.
>> > Still, local service is
>> >what gets you an Award of Arms, or local recognition.  It has to be
>> >exceptional, long-term, and have other aggravating factors before I am
>> >inclined to respond positively to a Dolphin polling for someone whose
>> >service is mostly local.
>> What if they're in a shire that's not part of a barony?
>What if?
>Try to construct an example of a hypothetical person who has served his
>shire well and long.  If this person does not travel, autocrat large
>events, or take any Kingdom offices, why should this person get a Dolphin?
Didn't say they should.  Was just considering it as a factor, i.e., lack of
local recognition, that's all, Excellency.

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